The Dog Yog x Snoopy Gift Box
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5 out of 5

I love Dog Yog.  My girl has frequent seizures due to epilepsy. Post seizure she is always starved and there is the potential for a temperature. Having something to feed her which is so healthy for the gut which is also cold is priceless.


Was surprised how much our doggie enjoyed this treat, thanks


Absolutely stoked with Dog Yogs products! My german Shepherd has had a very sensitive stomach since young and so the last 2 years have been extremely hard knowing what we can and cannot give to him as a nice treat. These guys have created an amazing product that’s so good for all doggos! Thanks again for all you efforts to create this product!


My dog Otis is obsessed with Dogyog, he gets so excited when I open the freezer and get a tub out. I love how healthy it is for him and how it keeps him busy for a good few minutes while he licks the tub clean. The packaging is super cute too!


Frequently Asked

DOG YOG is a frozen treat for dogs packed with goats milk kefir. It combines the benefits of natural probiotics, prebiotics and superfoods to support your dogs gut and benefit their digestive health, whilst providing a cooling, lickable treat.

Kefir is a fermented milk drink, one of natures most powerful probiotic containing foods, which is packed with good bacteria and yeast which is great for improving overall gut health and a range of science proven health benefits. It has a grainy, cauliflower-like appearance and is made by adding the kefir grains to milk to ferment resulting in a slightly tangy sour tasting creamy milk.

The word kefir comes from the Turkish word kiefr meaning ‘Good Feeling’ or ‘Long Life’. These ancient grains have been consumed for hundreds, even thousands of years. Originating in the Caucasus mountains, it has been a daily drink for many people living in that part of the world ever since.

Supports immune system, aids digestion, helps with inflammation leading to allergy assistance, helps constipation, promotes natural feeling of well-being, Anti-microbial & anti- fungal, replenishes the body with good bacteria after antibiotic use.